Comments and drawings by children of same sex parents.

"Having same sex parents doesn't affect me in any way or affect the friends I have. All of my friends know, they accept that I have same sex parents and they don't mind at all."


- Ayden, age 11. 

"Having two moms has given me a diverse family, I have three adopted siblings.
One of my moms is a SAHM, the other works all day. They expect good grades out of me. There really isn't anything out of the ordinary with my family when it comes to roles and other things. It's a pretty standard family in how it functions.
I have had a few people ask me some immature and crude questions whilst growing up, mainly in junior high. My mothers made me the LGBT+ counsellor of my school. I have had a multitude of kids come out to me or ask me for advise or just confide in me. They know I won't reject them or make fun of them for what/who they are. In kindergarten, a family tried to kick me out of my school because of my mother's sexual orientation; but apart from that, not much has happened to me as a result of my moms being gay. I'm more politicized and have learned a lot about the LGBT+ community through attending gay pride parades. I've had a pretty good childhood that wasn't marred with any traumatic 
experiences. They treated me just the same as any other parent would."


- Chasyn, age 16. 

"I feel very happy, lucky and glad to have two dads. My favourite thing about our family is that we get to go places and have fun! I love my dads very much."


- Mikey, age 7. 

"It feels more great than having 1000 ice cream cones. This is why I like having two moms."


- Dylan, age 7. 

"The best part of having two mommies is they give me love and that's so nice and what is better is instead of one mom, you have two moms. That is what's great about having two mommies."


- Capri, age 7. 

"To me, having two moms is no different to having a mom & a dad. For most of my life, it was just my mom, my sister & I. Needless to say, my mom busted her ass to support all of our wants and needs! She did an amazing job taking care of us all on her own! When we learned that our mom was interested in women, at first it was (obviously) a little bit rough for me to understand why and how, since she had only been with a man up until that point. But as soon as Tya (our other mom) came into our lives & I saw how happy my mom was & realised that happiness came from Tya, their gender no longer mattered to me! My mother was genuinely happy and content with everything in life, seeing her glow and smile and just seeing the way they truly, deeply love each other makes me so happy & thankful to have Tya as a part of our family. Tya has sacrificed many things for us and always makes sure we're all taken care of & happy! I could never thank her enough for the joy she brings to our family. I don't think our family is any different to anyone else's - we all love each other, depend on one another & are willing to go to the end of the world for each other! That's what defines a family for me, not the gender of your parents! 

No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it!"


- Natalie, age 20. 

"I like having two mums because it helps to have another mum to talk to about things that I don't feel I can talk to the other mum about, or when one mum is out at work or at the shops, I still have someone there that I feel comfortable around."


- Rhiannon, age 11. 

- Janelle, age 6.

- Madison, age 4.

- Orlando, age 5.

- Kenleigh, age 4.

- Maelei, age 9.

- Trinity, age 8.

- Treyton, age 3.

- Timothy, age 4.

- Emerson, age 8.

- Joshi, age 5.

- DeAndre, age 8.

- Julian, age 5.

- Kate, age 8.