For same sex parents/parents-to-be.
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Labour of Love:

A Story of Generosity, Hope and Surrogacy

by Shannon Garner

Surrogacy: Our Family's Journey

by Phillip James 


The First Man on the Moon

by Laurent Pehem 

Families Like Mine

by Abigail Garner

Gay Parenting: Complete Guide

For Same-Sex Families 

by Shana Priwer

& Cynthia Phillips

Gay Dads: A Celebration

of Fatherhood

by David Strah

& Susanna Margolis

Becoming Dads: A Gay Couple's

Journey To Adoption 

by Pablo Fernández

The Pink Guide

To Adoption

For Lesbians and Gay Men

by Nicola Hill

Proud Parents: 

Lesbian and Gay

Fostering and Adoption


by Nicola Hill 

Is It True You Have

Two Mums?

A Story Of A

Lesbian Couple 

Who Adopted Three Girls

by Ruby Clay

She Looks Just Like You:

A Memoir of

(Nonbiological Lesbian)


by Amie

Klempnauer Miller

Confessions of the Other

Mother: Non-Biological

Lesbian Mothers

Tell All 

by Harlyn Aizley

For Lesbian Parents:

Your Guide to Helping Your

Family Grow Up Happy,

Healthy, and Proud

by Suzanne M. Johnson &

Elizabeth O'Connor

Zita West's Guide

to Fertility and Assisted Conception:

Essential advice

on preparing

your body for IVF and other

fertility treatments 

by Zita West

Fatherhood for Gay Men:

An Emotional and Practical

Guide to Becoming a Gay Dad

(Race and Politics)

by Kevin Mcgarry

Gay Fathers, Their Children,

and the Making of Kinship

by Aaron Goodfellow

Our Journey:

One Couple's

Guide to U.S. Surrogacy

by Richard Westoby

The Journey of


Surrogacy: Discovering

Ultimate Joy

by Jason Warner

Jesus Has Two Daddies:

Two Dads, One Family 

by Thomas McMillen-Oakley

Which One Of You Is The Mother?: The Absolutely

Positively True Adoption

Story of Two Gay Dads

by Sean Michael O'Donnell

Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?: Confessions

Of A Gay Dad

by Dan Bucatinsky

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads:

Everything You Need to Know About LGBTQ Parenting But Are (Mostly) Afraid to Ask

by Eric Rosswood 

Gay Men Choosing Parenthood

by Gerald Mallon

My Two Moms: Lessons of Love, Strength, and What Makes a Family

by Zach Wahls