"Same Sex Parents was founded in February of 2015.

The idea and inspiration for creating the platform came

after watching a popular morning television show. The show carried out an interview with a gay couple who briefly discussed their experience with raising a family in a same sex relationship. The show then hosted a discussion phone-in shortly after, in which viewers reached out to the show and shared the difficulties they had faced as

same sex parents.

A gay father phoned the show and talked about the discrimination he and his family had faced after inviting their son's friend (let's call him A) round for dinner after school one afternoon.

After finding out that their child had been for dinner in a same sex parent household, A's parents turned against the family and did not allow A to step foot in their home again.

The father expressed that he didn't know what to do or where to turn. He didn't know of any other same sex families that he could talk to, or of any platforms, support groups or resources that he could turn to. He felt isolated.

He inspired me to change that.

And that's when Same Sex Parents was born."

- Gemma

Founder of Same Sex Parents


Same Sex Parents has since developed into a large community in which families have been connected with one another through the power of social media.

Our online platform is based on Instagram

and has enabled many families to find support

and build friendships.

We offer opportunities for families to share their stories, experiences and advice. We are passionate about bringing visibility to LGBT+ families and providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

Whilst our platform is predominantly based on Instagram, our website has been created in order to provide parents/parents-to-be with easy access to information about what is available to them and their children. 

If you would like to advertise your brand or company on our website, please contact us.

We aim to connect, inspire and educate.

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